Alice Eve Bares Breasts In Sex And The City 2

June 30th, 2010

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British beauty and stage actress Alice Eve is one of the many new faces joining the cast of Sex and The City 2. Alice did nudity for the film, her character is a foreign nanny who goes around braless. Alice plays Erin, Charlotte’s gorgeous nanny from Ireland. Alice got some criticism for choosing to play the role. “It’s gratuitous and unnecessary. You don’t need to get naked to be recognized,” said a colleague from the British theater. “In her scenes, she runs towards the girls and her tits are flopping about everywhere, and there’s another where her T-shirt gets wet and it goes see-through, showing everything.”

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Alice Eve revealed her assets are natural. “I just had to run braless. I didn’t really have to practice – they bounce,” said Alice. “They’re real. Maybe if they were fake, it might have been more controlled.” Another thing she learned from this movie set is how to wear high heels properly:  “They were all there bouncing around in their heels all day, which was insane,” Alice said about her co-stars. “I now wear heels, which I didn’t do before, because I saw how they actually do it, for real. You know they wear them all day, so that was incredible.”

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